Introducing India's First

Reefer Container booking app for perishable exporters

Introducing India's First

booking app for

Book Your Reefer Containers from anywhere.
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There are lots of Indian goods like pharmaceuticals, jewelry, vehicles, spices, and food products that are huge demand in abroad, and India is exporting many of them via cargo.

But exporting food is a challenging perishable good, 37% of them go to waste annually because of inadequate infrastructure and Handling temperature-sensitive cargo.

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100% Confirmed DO

Citrus Freight digital solution provides cloud-based platform to deliver perishable cargo with customs clearance & surface transport. Our supporting services like Insurance, Buyer identification, trade finance complements the entire solution very well.

Search Rate

Multiple shipping line rates will give you the freedom to book with your preferred line at a better price.

Select Schedule

Live Vessel Schedule for the accurate planning and move like a pro

Place Booking

Simplified ocean freight booking process for perishable exporters, all through at your comfort of mobile.

Now Relax

Citrus is the only app in India that provides Confirmed DO guarantee for perishable cargo shippers

Required Solution

A powerful backend + Admin system

A resilient backend system for accurate tracking and scheduling support and analytics overview in the admin panel

A neatly designed, performant Mobile app

Exceptional user experience, robust functionality, and cutting-edge technology, delivering unparalleled value and satisfaction to users

Informational website

For marketing and spreading awareness about products and logistic ecosystem

Technology stack

Different Styles

Technical challenges